Your Ticket to Alan Moore’s Cinema is Here

Cinema5This week in comic shops worldwide, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s masterful tale continues to amaze in the pages of Cinema Purgatorio.  Issue #5 continues the unique anthology of horror tales from today’s masters.  Stories by the likes of Kieron Gillen, Garth Ennis, Max Brooks, and Christos Gage adorn the pages of this surreal trip through Cinema5_Vastthe imagination of Alan Moore.  And the artists that are illustrating these fantasies are among the best of Avatar’s extensive stable – from O’Neill to Andrade to Caceres to Calero to DiPascale.  Every story delivers the very best in horrifying imagery for the Cinema5_CodePrudiscerning reader.

Whether you want to read about devastating kaiju creatures, sublime dark horror humor, altered timelines, or insane sci-fi stories, Cinema Purgatorio has the tales for you.  Pick up the latest issue and enjoy the terror!

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