The complete Providence is here!

We hope you and yours have been safe and well and we hope to bring some light into your life with the most demanded product in our history! Finally, the complete 480 page Providence collection!  Just to make it more tasty, we have a Nightmares of Providence art book to go with it!  This is a special opportunity to pre-order the PROVIDENCE COMPENDIUM that is scheduled for release in March 2021 and we’ve added some special bonuses to thank you for your support!  Some are very limited, so please check all the options out here!

The Providence Compendium is the complete work, in one 480 page volume.  The release plan includes a Kickstarter in a couple weeks with these sets, and a print date of February/March 2021.  There will be a paperback edition that will be available everywhere early summer 2021, but the Hardcover edition we are offering here will NOT be available on Amazon, etc.  Only direct from us and the Kickstarter!

Nightmares of Providence is a 48 page B&W book featuring all-new art from a huge range of talent including Gabriel Andrade, Christian Zanier, Ivan Rodriguez, and featuring Daniel Gete!  Stretch goals will include added pages, so it may be much bigger by the end!

BONUS BOOK – Nightmares of Providence  #1 Deep One cover is a bonus for all consumers who order directly from us,  that is NOT going to be part of the lower levels on the Kickstarter.


We are going to be offering these levels on the Kickstarter in a few weeks, if they haven’t sold out, but REALLY appreciate any direct sales at this time (and you get the bonus book, only here!)

Why order direct instead of wait for the Kickstarter? – The big reason is we want to give our loyal customers the first shot at the sets they want.  Once it goes live to everyone, stuff can sell out in the blink of an eye.  But you have been the backbone of our business, and we want to thank you with early access.  Also, this year has been cash-flow challenging, the direct sales are instant income, and let us spin back up much faster.  Lastly, by promoting more direct sales, we are saving ourselves almost 10% in fees, which adds up fast!

Digital Delivery – Your digital items will be added and sent to you via email as a separate order when they are ready this winter. These will be sent automatically so there is nothing further you need to do.

How will this affect the Kickstarter program and goals? – We will reduce the amount needed to raise for the stretch goals on the actual Kickstarter in proportion to the direct sales we have.  So you WILL be contributing to the program and of course would get any added Stretch Goal features on your order as well.

Deadline – We will only be offering these sets direct ONLY UNTIL SATURDAY OCTOBER 24, or until we sell out.  After that we will have to turn them off while we run the Kickstarter to avoid over-selling.

Shipping costs – We have tried to reduce the shipping costs as much as we can, but these sets are VERY heavy!  The Hardcover books are 3 pounds each, so it all adds up quickly.  We will not sacrifice our world-renowned packing, so your order will get to you undamaged.

Release dates – Current plan is Feb/March to begin shipping, and it certainly will take some time to get all the orders processed.  Given the very unique state of the World, there certainly could be unexpected delays, but by planning for after the Holiday season, we’re hoping things can run smoothly.

Any other questions or special requests, please let us know!  Thank you so very much for your support!

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