"For two decades Alan Moore has set the standard to beat in the popular arts."
-- Warren Ellis, creator of The Authority and Strange Killings

Alan Moore's MAGIC WORDS

Cover: Juan Jose Ryp
Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Juan Jose Ryp and others
Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W, 56 pages, graphic novel

Alan Moore brings a new line of Graphic Novels to Avatar starting right here! Hand picked by Alan Moore, this book is a stunning adaptation of some of his songs, poems and writings turned into sequential art, by an amazing group of European artists never before seen in America! This is also the first American work by staggering talent Juan Jose Ryp who will certainly be providing many fantastic Avatar projects in the years to come! Also included is an exhaustive listing of Moore's work in other mediums as well. This deluxe edition book features an introduction by Warren Ellis.

Alan Moore's Magic Words is available now in comic shops and bookstores worldwide. Please support your local stores. If you can't find Alan Moore's Magic Words locally, you may order it from our direct sales agent here. Special note: The hardcover edition of Alan Moore's Magic Words has been upgraded to a full color cover format since this GN was originally solicited.

Additional Artwork from Alan Moore's Magic Words



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