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Rapidly becoming known as one of the comic industry's rising stars, artist Juan Jose Ryp has impressed fans and fellow pros alike with his jaw dropping, every-blade-of-grass-and-strand-of-hair detailed line, plus outstanding figure work, composition, and design -- and an ability to tackle a variety of subject matter with ease. Best known on the American comics scene for his work on Frank Miller's Robocop, Alan Moore's Magic Words, Alan Moore's Another Suburban Romance, Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures, Threshold, the Shi: Pandora's Box mini-series, and Jungle Fantasy, as well as numerous covers at Avatar, Ryp also has an extensive body of work published in Spain, such as Nancy in Hell and Monique and Denisse.

Currently in progress or on the horizon Juan Jose Ryp at Avatar is a Warren Ellis' Apparat one-shot, Frank Miller's Robocop, the American debut of his Monique and Denisse serialized in Threshold, the Lovecraftian horror of Yuggoth Creatures (written by Antony Johnston) and other projects to be announced. Also coming up from Ryp for Vivid Comix is a story featuring Jenna Jameson in the debut of the Vivid Girls graphic novel series.

Check out examples from a wide variety of Ryp's recent and upcoming work at the links above, and in the gallery below.


Warren Ellis

Garth Ennis

Steven Grant

Alan Moore

Frank Miller

Antony Johnston

Mike Wolfer

Jacen Burrows

Joe R. Lansdale

Clint Hilinski

Juan Jose Ryp

Jeremy Rock

Sean Shaw

Matt Martin

Mark Millar

Brian Pulido

Rich Johnston

Dheeraj Verma


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Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Dead Rising cover

Alan Moore's Writing for Comics cover


Frank Miller's Robocop #1 interior page

Frank Miller's Robocop #1 interior page


Shi: Pandora's Box #1/2
interior page by Juan Jose Ryp



Jungle Fantasy #1 Stampede Wrap

Shi: Pandora's Box Preview