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Uber Invasion Funded in Less Than a Day!

The fans have spoken!  Kieron Gillen’s incredible alternate war history comic book Uber, has received a resounding response on Kickstarter that allowed the project to be funded in less than one day. Uber Invasion continues the story of a world … Continue reading

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Uber Invasion Lands on Kickstarter!

Since the end of the first Uber arc last year, one question has persisted…”when will Uber Invasion arrive?”  I’m happy to announce that the question has finally been answered! Uber Invasion, the highly anticipated sequel is here and launching on … Continue reading

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Summer Reading – Uber

Kieron Gillen has been unstoppable.  His stories tap into something incredibly imaginative and equally horrifying.  Uber is the ultimate expression of horror as we see Gillen deliver a powerful narrative about an altered history timeline where World War II sees … Continue reading

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Uber Redefines Horror and History

Kieron Gillen is an amazing writer who has entertained us with some of the best comics of the past decade.  Among those incredible tales the story of Uber stands out as a stark and powerful vision that has redefined horror and … Continue reading

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Give Avatar for the Horror-Days

Ah yes, the holidays are here.  But at Avatar Press we celebrate the “horror-days”.  And we invite you to do the same by giving the gift of terror to your comic reading loved ones.  So to help you stuff their … Continue reading

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Revisit Kieron Gillen’s Masterpiece: Uber

Fans of Kieron Gillen’s incredible alternate history reinvention of the super soldier story are eagerly awaiting the upcoming chapters of the tale in the forthcoming sequel next year.  This is the perfect time to re-read the initial story from start to … Continue reading

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Uber Digital Blitzkrieg on ComiXology

Kieron Gillen’s incredible World War II altered history series has redefined what a super soldier comic book can be.  The unrelenting and dark story details the introduction of German Ubers into the waning days of the war and the devistation … Continue reading

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Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 10/7/15

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic shops on Wednesday 10/7/15: Uber Vol 5 TP PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Kieron Gillen’s groundbreaking alternate war history begins a new terrifying chapter in super human World War II warfare.  … Continue reading

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Uber Chapter One Comes to a Close

Kieron Gillen’s amazing altered history epic, Uber closes out its first chapter with terrifying consequences today in comic shops and digitally on ComiXology.  With Uber #27 the curtain closes on the first act of enhanced human warfare in World War … Continue reading

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Avatar Press Digital New to ComiXology 8/12/15

These are the Avatar Press digital items new to ComiXology this Wednesday 8/12/15: Crossed: Badlands #83 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The bridge survivors might be beyond the grasp of the vile Crossed, but they’re not out of the twisted murders’ sight. … Continue reading

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