C2E2 Day 1 Photos

C2E2 Day 1 is a wrap and sounds like it was a great show. At one point during the afternoon I got a two-word IM from the booth that simply said “On fire”. Here’s how things looked on Day 1:

Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z author Max Brooks signs at the Avatar booth.
C2E2 Day 1 - Max Brooks

Absolution writer Christos Gage.
C2E2 Day 1 - Christos Gage

Crossed and Neonomicon artist Jacen Burrows.
C2E2 Day 1 - Jacen Burrows

A Song of Fire and Ice and Fevre Dream author George R.R. Martin
C2E2 Day 1 - George R.R. Martin

The Avatar Friday Night Event with George R.R. Martin and Max Brooks. Martin wowed the audience by reading from his upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire novel.
C2E2 Friday Night Event with Max Brooks and George R.R. Martin

Many more photos at the Avatar Press flickr page.

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