C2E2 Wrap Up

The first C2E2 is in the books, and it was a great start to what has turned out to be one of the country’s major shows right from the beginning. At one point on Saturday I got an IM from William saying that we were busier there than our busiest moment ever at San Diego — and that’s saying something.

C2E2 Day 3 -- The Avatar Crew

Shown here: Giovanni (Gianluca’s translator), Gianluca Pagliarani (Ignition City, Aetheric Mechanics), Christos Gage (Absolution), Garth Ennis (Crossed, 303, Chronicles of Wormwood), Max Brooks (Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z), George R.R. Martin (Fevre Dream, A Song of Ice and Fire), Jacen Burrows (Crossed, Neonomicon).

2nd row: David Marks (Avatar Marketing Director), William Christensen (Avatar EIC), Mike Wolfer (Gravel, Lady Death), Matt Martin (Snowman, Boundless cover artist).

Several brand new Avatar releases were a big hit at the show, including the Crossed Trade Paperback, Fevre Dream #1, and Crossed: Family Values #1. The announcement of the Crossed film with script by Garth Ennis was among the biggest news of the show. The Crossed Mask giveaway was also very well received, and the tidbit that Garth and Jacen would reunite on an upcoming Crossed series received a bit of attention as well.

Avatar also announced that we have created a separate company called Boundless to publish Lady Death. The announcement was well received at the pre-C2E2 Diamond Retailer Summit where Avatar’s new Director of Sales Keith Davidsen outlined some of our upcoming plans for retailers in attendance.

On Friday night, Avatar hosted an event with George R.R. Martin and Max Brooks. Brooks showed people why he’s pretty much the biggest expert on zombies around these days, and Martin surprised his fans in attendance by reading from the eagerly anticipated next novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

A number of projects were discussed at the Avatar Press panel. Christos Gage revealed details of his upcoming Absolution: Rubicon, the follow up to his hit superhero series for Avatar. Lady Death creator Brian Pulido talked about further details of the Boundless Lady Death monthly series. More details from the Avatar Press panel.

And finally, you can check out the weekend in pictures from the Avatar Press booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see Avatar at the show, and if you couldn’t make it this time, hope to see you next year.

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