More on the CROSSED film

Nice interview with Garth by Rick Marshall at MTV Splashpage:

At the moment, I’m very encouraged by everyone I’ve spoken to at Kickstart ? they get it,” he added. “They like ‘Crossed’ for what it is. No one has ever given me the impression they just want an image they can stick on a t-shirt, or a title without a story. They like the characters, they like the villains, and they like the notion of The Crossed. So that’s encouraging. As always, it’s hard to say where it will end up, though.”

Ennis said his script covers the first 10 issues of the “Crossed” series he wrote for Avatar, without any of the tie-ins or spin-off series they’ve launched subsequently. More accurately, the script will contain half of the first 10-issue run ? the scary half.

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