Neonomicon #2

Out this week from Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows:

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  • Stygma

    fucking awesome! and on schedule!
    a worry my penis with split into tentacles if they keep this up.

  • Octo Seven

    I sincerely hope its out over here in the UK and Ireland too, gonna head into forbidden planet now and find out!

  • MarkSeifert

    Cool, let me know if you got it this week.

  • MarkSeifert

    ha. yeah, very strong issue.

  • Octo Seven

    I picked up my copy this morning in forbidden planet. Have to say, this was the most disturbing comic I’ve ever read and that’s saying a lot. The last couple of pages were really hard to get through. So yeah it’s effective as a horror :S

  • Joshuagreen

    I’ve read lots of horror comics and I have to say that this is only comic I genuinely found to be disturbing. There was a strong sense of the impending horror as the agents traveled underground and the situation quickly spun out of their control. I was literally sweating and shifting in my seat the last few pages because it was difficult to read and the final frame is a wicked shocker/cliffhanger. Moore seems to be going out with a bang, if indeed he is going out (of the comics biz) soon.

  • Tommyz

    Agreed, Joshua. I’m still reeling from the deep sense of dread that filled me as I read this amazing comic. Can’t wait for the next issue!

  • Octo Seven

    Yeah joshua the panels where they are walking down the underground corridors towards their destination are so effective and the one where they make a note of how thick the door is. Also the mention of the chemical they need to build up to ‘attract them”. Jesus. That very last panel was fucked up. Not to mention the ‘facial’. I’m already terrified of issue 3.

  • Iduckles

    Good Stuff, more please!

  • Joshuagreen

    I find it interesting/surprising that the actual Avatar press website is sparsely-populated enough (on the message/comment boards thingy) for it to be usable. I’m always curious to get some idea of how many people are actually reading comics (issues and trades). I remember a few years ago seeing some sort of by-the-numbers breakdown or sales figures thing for the top 50 comics someone put together and although I can’t remember any of the specifics now, I remember being surprised by seeing how few people were buying individual issues of even the MOST popular (marvel/dc) top 10 or so comics. So, I have to wonder about places like Avatar and what they move in terms of numbers. A curiosity.

  • Joshuagreen

    oh, it was probably from here:
    for anyone who is interested.
    according to that site Neonomicon #1 sold 12,500 or so copies, which is pretty good (i think)…e.g. it sold almost the exact same number of copies as that month’s Jonah Hex (a favourite of mine) which is a big-name DC book – even if the movie stank it still had a giant summer movie made out of it.

  • Octo Seven

    I hope the sales will continue to do well. I wonder if Avatar will do a TPB that will include both issues of the courtyard and the the four issues of Neonomicon. That would probably sell like hot innsmouth fishcakes.

  • Jorge Villarruel (The Yorch)

    Hey, second issue is not what I was expecting it to be, which is a good thing since predictable comics tend to be dissapointing. The fact the characters know who Lovecraft is, adds another layer to the story. Great stuff!

  • Octo Seven

    It vaguely reminded me of one of the few decent Lovecraftian tales by Brian Lumley in which an undercover detective is sent to a Cthulhu roleplaying convention and seduced by what turns out to be something extremely nasty.

  • Smaze

    I love avatar press… absolutely love you guys..

  • Ashley