New This Week: CALIGULA #5

David Lapham is the talk of the town!? Horror and comic book media websites have been having a field day with the announcement of the upcoming werewolf crime noir series, FERALS #1.? And rightly so!? The book is absolutely gorgeous, and destined to be The Next Big Thing.? Lapham’s made a home for himself at Avatar Press, turning out twisted tales from the darkest recesses of his mind with such horror titles as CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES, CROSSED 3D, and CROSSED: PSYCHOPATHnot to mention his supernatural take on Rome’s most infamous emperor, CALIGULA!

This week, comic shops everywhere will line their store shelves with the latest issue of CALIGULA, written by Lapham with exquisite painted artwork by German Nobile. Make sure to stop by your local shop and pick up CALIGULA #5, the penultimate chapter of the epic saga! And while you’re visiting with your favorite retailer, be sure to tell him or her to pre-order a copy of FERALS #1 for you! You will not want to miss it!

Here’s a description of CALIGULA #5, taken from the Previews catalog solicitation:

David Lapham delivers another blood drenched chapter in the saga of the most feared Roman Emperor of all time, Caligula! A young boy, once naive to the hedonistic ways of the Roman upper class, finds that the only way to kill a god is to learn all of its secrets. But there is only so much slaughter and suffering that a soul can endure? even one bent on avenging the murder of his parents. A modern master of horror, Lapham will take you into the darkest corners of the soul and reveal the madness within. Hot new talent, German Nobile, illustrates this no-holds-barred ride down the road to Hell.

For a five-page sneak peak of this disturbing look into Roman debauchery, brutality, and treachery, check out this Issuu preview!

CALIGULA #5 Regular Edition
Retail Price: $3.99 US
Cover: Jacen Burrows
Diamond Item Code: AUG110853

CALIGULA #5 Wraparound Edition
Retail Price: $3.99 US
Cover: German Nobile
Diamond Item Code: AUG110854

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