New This Week: STITCHED #2 Auxiliary Edition

It’s Wednesday, and one of our favorite projects sees a brand new cover edition hitting store shelves everywhere!

STITCHED #2 Auxiliary Edition

STITCHED #2 Auxiliary Edition
Retail: $3.99, Cover by Mike Wolfer
Diamond Item Code: JAN120900

Mike Wolfer (Gravel, Night of the Living Dead) shows us why he’s the master of horror in this subtle but unnerving illustration. What is the supernatural power behind the Stitched, the key to their reanimated evil? Having survived their first encounter with the unstoppable enemy, our soldiers must endure until a rescue can be attempted. But the desert is a cruel and uncaring enemy. This new on-going series is certain to appeal to Ennis’ legions of fans as it pushes the envelope of horror beyond the boundaries of sanity… and into fresh nightmares.

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