The Crossed Webcomic Continues! Wish You Were Here Chapter 15, Live Today!

We are as relentless, as unstoppable, as the Crossed plague itself. Yes, Avatar Press continues to release new weekly chapters of Crossed: Wish You Were Here, written by rising superstar Si Spurrier and illustrated by Javier Barreno (Crossed Vol. 2: Family Values), is Chapter 15 of the ongoing epic webcomic. Enjoy it for free!

The online home for Crossed is, where weekly installments and Crossed-related articles can be found regularly published. If you’d like to begin at Chapter 1, please follow this link.

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  • Qpierce413

    Great art, but where are the crossed? this series is getting boooooring, its bad enough how self-indulgent the writer is, but no action either?? how many times are we going to going to go over shakey’s lament over being nothing but a writer? time to move on its getting repetitive and masturbatory. seems like there is a lot more to write about in this world. Thanks to Avatar for the free web comic!

  • Bugs

    I just see it as a way to introduce us to all the?characters and get ol Shakys?back story?out of the way before we dive in the real fun. There has been a good bit of fucked up shit in this comic already and I think if you know there is going to be some kind of crossed attack every 12 panels it would make it a very unsurprising comic. this?series is bound to be at least 3-4 volumes?if not longer I’m sure there will be plenty of depravity!

  • Qpierce413

    ?i hope those 3-4 volumes have more going on than the established cycle and attempts at shock, the babble has been making it drudgery for me. What would be interesting and shocking would be to kill off shakey the whiner.

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