The SIGNED Hero Worship #1 SDCC Variant, Available Direct to Retailers

Zak Penn and Scott Murphy will join Avatar Press at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the launch of Hero Worship #1, their new comic book miniseries of superheroes revered — and manipulated — as celebrity icons. Penn is Hollywood’s premiere superhero screenwriter, with numerous Marvel films under his belt (Avengers, Incredible Hulk, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand), while Murphy is one of the guiding forces behind Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars computer-generated cartoon show. They will be signing at Avatar Booth #2701.

To commemorate their promotional appearance at SDCC, Avatar Press is creating a special limited edition comic book, the HERO WORSHIP #1 SDCC EDITION. Avatar will make this comic available for retailers for direct order — a first for the company — as a special SIGNED edition that will otherwise never be offered through other channels. This is a rare opportunity to pick up creator autographs from two of Hollywood’s elite!

Here’s a look at the cover image, plus information on how retailers can order this product directly from Avatar Press.

If you’d like more insight into the great Hero Worship series , please visit some of our previous behind-the-scenes coverage, including the first announcement, an in-depth interview with Zak Penn, a revealing interview with Scott Murphy, and finally, a nine-page preview and interview with artist Michael DiPascale.

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