New Issue Preview ? Stitched #8 New Arc

Garth Ennis originally developed Stitched, his horrific modern take on the classic supernatural?mummy story,?to be a movie. His partner on the comic series, artist Mike Wolfer, helped develop a first arc which ended last issue with an unforgettable battle. But, how did the curse of the Stitched begin?

With Stitched #8, Wolfer switches hats and takes on the writing chores to bring you a story arc that will finally reveal the ungodly origin of the Stitched! Joined by new series artist Fernando Furukawa, Wolfer explores the curse of the Stitched and extends its reach beyond the arid desert of Afghanistan. On a Sri Lanka-bound cargo ship, businessman Rashid Salid and his crew of black market cut-throats is overseeing the delivery of a very secret and very deadly payload. But Salid’s payday may never come, as a team of American Navy SEALS are on a black ops mission to secure that cargo for themselves. It’s an all-new continuation of Garth Ennis’ tale of modern warfare and ancient horrors!

Stitched #8 arrives in stores this Wednesday, 9/26, and is available with a Regular cover, Wraparound cover, Gore cover, and a special Ancient Evil retailer incentive cover by Fernando Furukawa.

Check out this preview and post your comments below…

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  • qp

    ooohh sooo tempting. ill be checking it out, damn im going to be sucked into another arc aint i?
    Mike will have things to do with these creepies and the new artist looks to have serious potential. im going to have to see it up close in print!