David Lapham Day continues with Dan The Unharmable #8!

Lizzy?s quest to find out more about her father has put her and the other Hickenlooper kids in bad way.? Oddball killers from Dan?s forgotten past have come out of the woodwork and are trying to cut their way into the world?s most dysfunctional family.? Now Lizzy must contend with the truth?she is pregnant and a group called the Consortium is out to get her.? All this is really putting unnecessary stress on Dan?s current case to find a mysteriously missing vagina.

Try something you have never seen in comics before ? pick up an issue of David Lapham?s gonzo noir crime series and get pulled into the drug induced world of Dan the Unharmable.

To learn who inspired David Lapham to create Dan,?check out this interview.

For a sneak peek, click?here.

Available with a Regular, Wraparound, and special Retro Incentive cover by series artist Rafael Ortiz.

Dan the Unharmable #8 Regular Edition
$3.99, Item Code:?OCT120834
Cover by Rafael Ortiz

Dan the Unharmable #8 Wraparound Edition
$3.99, Item Code:?OCT120835
Cover by Rafael Ortiz

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