Crossed #25 Individual Issue Sell Outs, Boxed Set Update

Horror comic book readers are celebrating the triumphant return of Garth Ennis to the grim world he created in Crossed: Badlands #25. The issue marks the landmark first year of the bi-weekly series, which gives high profile creators an opportunity to step into what many are calling ?the most extreme survival horror story being told.? And the response to this anniversary issue has been incredibly strong with nearly all editions selling out at the distribution level from Diamond Comic Distributors, with only a handful of some covers still available. Avatar Press produced a significant overprint on the regular cover edition [JAN130884] and has ensured that copies are on hand for retailers to obtain via reorder immediately. “We expected a strong response to (Crossed) Badlands #25, due to the return of Garth to his signature creation, but we were amazed at the overwhelming show of support by Crossed Nation fans,” said William Christensen, owner of Avatar Press.

Today is “C-Day,” the event celebrated in comic shops which embraces the readers of Crossed and introduces new fans to the ultimate in grueling horror. Parties are being enjoyed around survival kits that included exclusive merchandise and promotional products branded with the unique Crossed theme. In addition to themed events and festivities, many retailers are using the return of Ennis to Crossed: Badlands as an entry point for new readers to this extreme celebration of survival horror. Crossed: Badlands #25 features the first installment of “The Fatal Englishman,” a story in which Ennis provides yet another unique look at a band of rebels determined to not only outlive the Crossed, but to strike directly at them with lethal force. The issue featured a host of special limited edition covers to give collectors many choices in determining which to add to their growing collection of Crossed comic books. Among those selections was the special Leather Cover edition, for those seeking a unique piece in their collection, and the Collector’s Boxed Set, featuring all of the covers produced in one collectible package. Both editions were strongly supported by fans and retailers alike, leading to distributor pre-sales exceeding the available supply. In order to make sure diehard Crossed fans receive the sought after Collectors Sets, Avatar has supplied copies of the super-rare ?Platinum? edition collections to fill the excess initial orders placed through Diamond Comic Distributors. The Platinum sets, which normally sell at a higher retail price, include an additional Platinum Foil Leather edition that is not available anywhere else and have been randomly distributed to ordering customers. Each set is clearly identified with as Platinum on the front box sticker branding so that customers can check their set for the enhanced editions.

Diamond Comic Distributors estimates the Crossed #25 boxed sets will reach retailers for the April 10th on-sale week and to be immediately sold out from their warehouse. The Leather Edition, which had a longer production cycle due to the exotic cover stock, is estimated to be in stores on April 3rd, and is similarly sold out at the distribution level. Avatar would like to thank retailers and fans alike for making the second annual C-Day a tremendous success and for continuing to support our line of comic books!

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