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Garth Ennis’ Code Pru #1 Delivers Black Horror Humor

This holiday season, Garth Ennis will deliver a brand new first issue comic to all the good comic book reading fans.  On December 30th, just before New Year rolls in, comic shops will have Code Pru #1.  This incredible new … Continue reading

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Reserve Your Extinction Parade: War #1 & Vol 1 TP

Local comic shops are completing their orders for comics and trades listed in the May issue of Previews including the new Extinction Parade: War #1 and Extinction Parade Vol 1 TP. ?Max Brooks fans have been following this stark new … Continue reading

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Inside Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade

Max Brooks’ first chapter of his new Vampires vs. Zombies epic is collected into a horrifying trade paperback in this month’s issue of Previews. ?Fans of Brooks’ signature tales of intelligent horror have flocked to the Extinction Parade comic and … Continue reading

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Avatar Press New in Comic Shops 2/19/14

New Avatar Press comics in stores Wednesday 2/19/14: Extinction Parade #5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ?Horror doesn?t get any bigger than having New York Times Bestselling Author; MAX BROOKS deliver a one-of-a-kind masterpiece like Extinction Parade! ?Brooks? zombie fiction has been a … Continue reading

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Preview: Extinction Parade #1 by Max Brooks and Raulo Caceres

Vampires and Zombies from the creator of World War Z? Yes, please. Out this week worldwide, check out the preview below:

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Crossed #25 Individual Issue Sell Outs, Boxed Set Update

Horror comic book readers are celebrating the triumphant return of Garth Ennis to the grim world he created in Crossed: Badlands #25. The issue marks the landmark first year of the bi-weekly series, which gives high profile creators an opportunity … Continue reading

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The best-selling Crossed collections continue with Volume 4, collecting the hit bi-weekly series, Crossed: Badlands #1-9. Two tales of terror from the most vicious landscape in modern horror, written by groundbreaking graphic novelists Garth Ennis and Jamie Delano!? When the … Continue reading

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If you have been waiting for the trade – your wait is almost over! New this week – CROSSED: BADLANDS TP, collecting the first nine issues of the bi-weekly series! Here is a sneak peek for those who can’t wait…

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In Stores Today – CROSSED: BADLANDS #11

It’s two great tastes that taste great together!? David Lapham, whose contributions to the Crossed universe include the Psychopath, Family Values, and Crossed 3D projects, teams up with Jacen Burrows — the artist who defines Crossed month in and month … Continue reading

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This Week’s Preview – CROSSED: BADLANDS #8

Get ready for Crossed: Badlands #8, the penultimate chapter in Jamie Delano‘s six-issue “Homo Superior,” available today in comic shops everywhere! We’ve tracked Gregory, Steve, Leon, and the “jailbait twins” Ashley and Ashlynne as they’ve hacked their way through the … Continue reading

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