New This Week: Dan the Unharmable #12

David Lapham’s underrated gonzo series, Dan the Unharmable, comes to a close this week in comic shops with issue #12. ?It is a bittersweet moment for us at Avatar as we have enjoyed every moment of this uniquely original project. ?The book is nearly impossible to describe, but fans who have picked it up and been caught up in the violent insanity that seems to follow Dan around have raved that it is one of the most unique comics they’ve ever read. ?If you are a fan of David Lapham’s work, you owe it to yourself to try this incredibly unique series. ?With the first volume trade paperback out it is easy to sample the initial chapter and get sucked into the?psychedelic world of Dan.

Issue #12 may be the final issue of the series for now, but there are other Dan stories left to be told. ?When the final panel has been read and the fans understand some of the mystery behind the architects that made Dan and Lizzy’s world into something out of the most drug induced nightmare you can imagine, we’ll be looking for readers to make the ultimate push for additional adventures. ?Some things are worth fighting for…we believe Dan the Unharmable is one of them. ?Join the fight – express your interest and help get this underrated title the recognition it deserves.

Until then…the Dan abides.

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  • Boberto

    NOOOO! The last issue?! Consider my vote in for more adventures. I’ve been getting more people into this comic, and now it’s ending…:( Can’t wait for this issue though!

  • Marquel

    Just read it and sent a letter to you guys. More Dan! I need more answers!!! Whats up with the aliens?

  • James Kuhoric

    Thanks for the input Marquel & Boberto – glad you enjoyed the series and we appreciate the comments. Hopefully we can get enough support to get additional Dan stories coming for the future.

  • Sabine

    Okay, I see whats goin on here. This guy is just stickin his leg out because he knows this comic deserves more than what its getting. Ofcourse he’s not just going to stop it at 2 arcs. He’s just pullin our leg. Maybe just a lil hiatus, thats understandable but it’ll be back..

    Very sneaky Dave. Very sneaky indeed.

  • Zac&Cheese

    please sir, I want some more.

  • Fantasma George

    We await your return, warrior!

  • kurtass69

    how can my little pony and similar chinese looking crap survive and this doesn’t? hmmm, dan needs to kill and eat my little pony in the next arc …. a dan and pony show … a mexican donkey show …. only different …

  • milan kovacs

    loved this series and very sad it’s come to an end…

  • steven s

    i was surprised that this was the last issue—-this was better than young liars and seemed like it should’ve been a TV show—-seems like it was just getting started—Rafael Ortiz did a great job.

  • Isaac Crowe

    what the f***.it can’t
    end this way.

  • Cheesypoof

    My little pony if you watch is actually a really good show with fantastic writers, but I do hope Dan does make a comeback has anybody made a petition to show interest yet?

  • BiggLegg

    This is absolutely terrible! I had no idea this is going to be the last issue. When I saw the words the end at the end I was mortified. Don’t stop the unharmable nation! Let’s keep this road going! THIS CAN’T BE ALL WE GET!!

  • Derek

    Yeah i need more soon. Now. Please. This cant be over

  • Philip Moore

    I have at least to votes from my comic shop I loved this series as did my comicbook shop owner it was one the few books he pushed the hard for so please lets see more Dan even if it is in five issue runs

  • Ken

    Dan the Unharmable TV would be bigger than the Walking Dead TV .. it would need to be cable of some sort. Because, well it’s pretty brutal. And there would need to be more issues .. I mean, if the Walking Dead had stopped at 12 issues .. Kirkman wouldn’t be the media mogul he is today. We’re talking millions here .. lunchboxes, action figures, video games, Lego .. make it to 50 issues and it’s a lock ..