Sneak Peek – Extinction Parade #2

Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade is poised to be one of the biggest horror events of the year. ?The second issue is solicited in the May issue of Previews, which is in stores tomorrow. ?Fans of Brooks’ distinctive voice and works, including The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, will enjoy this new story as he examines the violent tendencies of a different species of undead. ?Brooks has likened vampires to the rich and?privileged, making reference to the way they view and treat the species around them. ?Often lost in their own excesses, they realize too late that the food source they have always taken for granted is being eradicated. ?How do creatures of tremendous power react when threatened on two fronts by a species they consider both inferior and a?nuisance? ?Extinction Parade will answer those questions and more. ?For now…we offer you a look at the covers to the second issue to whet your appetite for destruction.

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