June Previews: Bleeding Cool Magazine #6

Bleeding Cool Magazine #6 in the June Previews is scheduled to be in stores late this summer. ?The issue features articles from the boldest publishers and more of Rich Johnston’s unique comics perspective. ?Every issue of BCM has features that can’t be found anywhere on the web – it is your in store guide to the biggest events and happenings in the comics hobby.

This month features a dynamic cosplay feature that talks with some of the most recognizable faces in costuming. ?We discuss what drives cosplay fans and how they develop concepts for their next costume experiments. ?Featuring a great pictorial of some of the best cosplay costumes to date, this feature can’t be missed!

We also get an extensive one-on-one interview with Kieron Gillen about his comics, career, and what is in the pipe for him creatively in the future. ?This issue is a perfect jump on point to find out why Bleeding Cool Magazine is your resource for comic collecting.

BCM6 (3)

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