New This Week: Absolution: Rubicon #1

Christos Gage’s epic crime noir super-vigilante tale packs the best of television police drama and sequential art comic book action in one unbelievable package. ?The story of fallen super-cop John Dusk is one a lot of people can relate to. ?Having seen the ineffectiveness of the criminal justice system up-close-and-personal, Dusk does what the law can’t. ?He wipes the filth out. ?And even though the public has taken his side in the court of public opinion…he’s still an outlaw and one that leaves a major black eye right on the face of the police department.

Now his former friends are desperate for a way to bring Dusk in…or kill him off. ?And that desperation leads to an act that is doomed to fail before it begins. ?The brass release the unstoppable psychopath, the Polymath, to take Dusk down. ?But this creature can’t be controlled and soon the body count is catastrophic.

Fans of Vertigo will love this series. ?And the first chapter in the John Dusk saga is available in trade paperback format at local comic shops right now. ?Fans who were introduced to the world of Absolution during Free Comic Book Day have been waiting months to get the next chapter in this riveting series. ?That day is finally here. ?Absolution: Rubicon #1 is on sale Wednesday 7/3.


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