Disenchanted – Welcome to Vermintown

Avatar proudly announces the newest addition to their webcomics program with Simon Spurrier’s Disenchanted. ?Launching in October with an original 16 page free comic book for the Halloween Comic Fest program, the series will spin out into a weekly free webcomic that will present 12 pages of original and completely free content every Monday starting in October. ?This new series follows in the format of the Freakangels and Crossed: Wish You Were Here models of collecting the webseries into trades approximately twice per year.

Disenchanted is the story of the wee-folk. ?Little fairy creatures that have existed forever but have become mostly forgotten and belittled. ?Now they live in a tiny slum hidden away beneath a city in an abandoned subway station. ?A tiny city made of discarded soda bottles and cigarette packs. ?In a place where the pixie may just as likely shiv you in the back as smile at you. ?It’s that kind of town. ?There’s no sparklies here…just the unapologetic ugly lives of a million pissed off fairy folk. ?This is Vermintown…enjoy your stay.

You can check out the webcomic site here: ?http://www.disenchantedcomic.com/2013/07/welcome-to-disenchanted/



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