New This Week: Bleeding Cool Magazine #5

In stores today is the latest issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine featuring a distinctive Locke & Key cover and covering all things summer and San Diego. ?Every issue of BCM is chock fulla goodness – stories about the best comics, interviews with creators, and Rich Johntson’s unique perspective on the industry. ?The magazine features stories that don’t run on the web – they are exclusive to print and give comic fans a lot of material to sink their teeth into.


In this issue we cover these stories –

The Haunting of Hill’s House – Locke & Key feature & interview

Freelancing Guns – Boom’s Eric Esquivel interviews Steven Grant

The Pull List – A look at July and August’s biggest books

How to Make Movies the Marvel Way – An interview with Iron Man 3’s Shane Black

Born on the Bayou: Swamp Thing’s Roots – A massive history of the Swamp Thing and its creators

The Summer of Valiant Returns – A look at the big Valiant books for the summer

Dark Horse Horror: A Decade of Fright – Discussion with EIC Scott Alley about the evolution of Dark Horse’s horror line

Sun Sea and SDCC – Rich Johnston’s behind the scenes of SDCC past, present and future

Fathom Reborn – JT Krul and David Whol dish on the anniversary of Fathom and the new series

Day Men Revealed – Matt Gagnon interviews Michael Alan Nelson on the new twist vampire tale

Wolverine Set Report – Brendon Collelly takes you behind the scenes of The Wolverine

Rocketing Spirits – A retrospective look at The Rocketeer and The Spirit along side IDW’s new crossover series

Dropped in the Middle – A look at Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Frank Cho Gallery – Pages and pages of Cho-goodness

Vintage Paper – The classic comics in your collection that are worth big bucks

Five Ways to Make Money at SDCC – Rich Johnston’s secrets for paying for your SDCC trip

Price Guide – The latest hot books and their eBay prices are revealed


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