New This Week: Crossed Badlands #32

Christos Gage’s first Crossed arc has been one of the most talked about of 2013. ?From the core premise of a traitorous human only interested in his own survival to the villainous alpha Crossed – Smokey, the story has kept readers on the edge of their seats. ?Artist Christian Zanier has provided equally captivating illustrations to depict the tale of Oliver as he lives among the Crossed and leads his fellow uninfected to their bloody ends.

There is something powerful and gut wrenching in watching Oliver’s betrayals. ?In a world where the monsters are gleefully homicidal and the human race is being edged into extinction, seeing a learned man turn his intelligence toward the willful destruction of his fellow survivors for a matter as base as his pitiful existence is hard to watch. ?But no more. ?Oliver has seen enough and come to the ultimate conclusion – Smokey must be DESTROYED. ?At last the final chapter plays out and if things go wrong…Smokey may be led right to the very tools he needs to make the world burn in nuclear fire.

CrossedBadlands32regCrossedBadlands32redcrossed CrossedBadlands32Torture CrossedBadlands32wrap

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