New This Week: George RR Martin’s Skin Trade #1

It is finally here! ?New York Times bestselling author, George RR Martin’s World Fantasy Award winning story, Skin Trade, is out in comic shops this Wednesday. ?Written by Martin, adapted by Daniel Abraham, and illustrated by horror legend Mike Wolfer, Skin Trade is the perfect package for fans of the macabre.

Randi Wade is an investigator with a past she can’t seem to bury. ?Her police father’s death at the claws and teeth of an animal attack years before still haunts her. ?And when a family friend brings her in on a similar case, the past starts to howl into the future. ?Welcome to a strange world where one young woman is about to discover that the denizens of nightmares are very real indeed.

SkinTrade01 SkinTrade01grizzly SkinTrade01-skinned SkinTrade01wrap

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