New This Week: Uber #4

Kieron Gillen’s Uber?has changed the way we look at super soldier and altered timeline comic books. ?This series has presented a dark and grim look at the atrocities of war and the delicate balance that led to the history we are all familiar with. ?But one vital change in those events – the introduction of the new super weapons – and that balance is thrown completely askew. ?The war should have ended but it rages on, renewed. ?Casualties continue to mount on both sides even as the Allies claw their way back into the race for their own super soldiers.

If you haven’t tried Uber yet, this is the time to do so. ?Issues #0-4 are out and there is only one issue left in the first story arc before the next chapter begins. ?Find out what so many fans have been saying about this comic and see the horrors of war for yourself. ?You won’t be the same afterward…


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