New This Week: Crossed Vol 6 Tp

In a volume that spans several eras of Crossed infection, we join three prolific writers each telling a tale set in the horrifying misery of the world during the plague.? Series creator GARTH ENNIS returns to tell a story so big that it re-defines the way you will see the Crossed.? In ?The Fatal Englishman? the last military unit in Britain faces the biggest question of them all – when do you risk eliminating all life to stop the Crossed!? SIMON SPURRIER puts us in the mind of a unique Crossed relationship, one which sees lovers from two different worlds as they are driven apart by infection.? DAVID LAPHAM continues fan-favorite Crossed Psychopath survivor, Amanda?s tale as she fights with the rising insanity in her own mind and a group of lunatic scavengers in ?The Livers.?? Go where other horror survival stories fear to tread and enter the grueling world of the Crossed!? This volume collects issues #19-28 of the?Crossed Badlands?series and is available in a direct market exclusive hard cover edition as well as paperback!


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