Are You Missing Out On Bleeding Cool Magazine?

BCM6 (3)A comics magazine in the internet age – that’s a tough sell, right? ?Maybe if you are peddling it as a news magazine, that would be true. ?But Bleeding Cool Magazine isn’t focused on breaking news, instead it provides over a hundred pages worth of editorial features, interviews, previews, thought provoking articles, and comics to cash advice. ?Realistically speaking there is no other comics publication that gives you as much content for your money as BCM.

Issue #6 is in stores this week and has these?interesting focus articles:


*Rich Johnston’s Life in the Gutters

*Boom!’s Sons of Anarchy – interview with Christopher Golden

*Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man 2

*IDW’s Powerpuff Girls

*The Pull List features

*Huge Cosplay special with interviews and pictorial

*Dark Horse’s Hellboy – a discussion with Mike Mignola

*Ron Howard’s Rush – interview with Peter Morgan

*Valiant’s new Unity

*Rich Johnston’s “What If” of the Comics industry

*IDW’s Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

*A huge Kieron Gillen interview on his career and projects

*Ryan Kelly art gallery from Three (the new Gillen/Kelly comic)

*Boom & Archaia – interview with Matt Gagnon & Stephen Christy

*Iron Man 3’s special features review

*Trish Out of Water – a unique new Aspen series

*Vintage Paper – the best investments from all ages of collecting

*Rich Johnston’s speculation – five hot comics and five that are on the way up

*San Diego Comic Con exclusives price guide

Now where else would you get that much value for your money? ?And Bleeding Cool Magazine is offering even more special content coming up in issues #7 and #8. ?Both issues are value priced at $1.99 and have great exclusive comics content – including Shadowman #13X and Uber #1/2. ?Those comics are only available through Bleeding Cool Magazine! ?Ask your local retailer to stock the magazine and reserve one for you today.



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