Rover Red Charlie New From Garth Ennis in October Previews

RRC1RegFall is here and with it comes the seasons of tricks or treats. ?This October, Garth Ennis, the creator of Preacher and Crossed, delivers a devilish treat in the form of a unique new series called Rover Red Charlie. ?This tale is a as unusual as it is innovative. ?It tells the story of three canine friends at the end of the world. ?When a worldwide epidemic causes all humans to die, what happens to man’s best friend? ?This is the story of three canine friends setting out to survive in a violent and strange new world. ?One thing is for sure — you’ve never read a book from Ennis like this before. ?Vividly illustrated by artist Michael Dipsascale, this series redefines the horror survival genre.



Get in on this unique new tale featuring the trademark captivating dialog that brought some of your favorite violent characters to life in comics as Ennis applies his masterful talent in a brand new way. ?Rover Red Charlie is a Featured Item in the October Previews and is on sale in December – ask your local comic shop to reserve your copy now.


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