Jonathan Hickman’s God Is Dead #1 In Stores Tomorrow

God Is Dead #1, Jonathan Hickman’s first Avatar Press comic book, arrives a comic shops everywhere tomorrow. ?The writer who has captured fans’ imaginations with books like East of West, Manhattan Projects, and Fantastic Four steps into the uncensored line of Avatar with a new comic that brings the gods of old back to the modern world.

What happens when the ancient mythologies of the world turn out to be real? ?How would a modern world react to the return of Odin, or Quetzalcoatl, or Horus? ?Would a population that has grown pride in its own divinity accept them? ?Even worship them? ?Or would human kind rise to fight the very beings they once revered?

Those questions and more will be answered when Hickman’s first issue lands in local comic shops. ?The title ships with regular, iconic, end of days, and a special pantheon incentive covers. ?Ask your local comic shop to reserve your copy today!


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  • slicknick

    is this an ongoing? or mini series i have read both.

  • Jim Kuhoric

    GID is a mini series.

  • Anubyss

    I just got done done reading issue 1 & 2 that I picked up at NYCC. I thought it was a 2 issue book, but see that the story isn’t done. i assume this is a monthly series?! Good read.

  • Anubyss

    It’s a mini series

    “The six-issue miniseries will team the Avengers and East of West writer with the artist, who has worked on various projects for the publisher.”