Meet Mike Wolfer At Baltimore Comic Con!


StitchedVol1TPBMike Wolfer is a name that synonymous with horror. ?During his long career he has written, illustrated, and designed many of the darkest corners of the comic book world.


From his terrifying run on Night of the Living Dead to classic works on Friday the 13th and 2001 Maniacs, Mike has covered the creatures of nightmare. ?Most recently, he has helped to bring George RR Martin’s World Fantasy Award Winning novel, Skin Trade, to life in comics.


Mike Wolfer (Preferred)Mike has developed epic fantasy tales from?Lady Death to War Goddess. ?And he designed Garth Ennis’ Stitched and Warren Ellis’ Gravel?for the comics page. ?There isn’t much that Mike hasn’t done in his 25+ years as a comics creator. ?This weekend at Baltimore Comic Con is the perfect opportunity to talk with him about all those projects and the big things he has coming on the horizon. ?He will be signing autographs and meeting fans both days of the convention at booth #1603-04. ?And if you are lucky…he will tell you where his nightmare visions come from. ?But be prepared to be mentally scarred for the rest of your life…ask at your own risk.

Mike Wolfer Getting Ready For the Show

Mike Wolfer Getting Ready For the Show

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