Avatar Horrors for Halloween

Ferals17GoreCrossed39redcrossedAvatar Press has always been a home to some of the creepiest horror comics being published. ?The uncensored vision of some of today’s biggest creators has led to the creation of nightmares that haunt dreams and comic shelves with visceral imagery that can’t be unseen. ?From Crossed to Ferals to Neonomicon to Night of the Living Dead – Avatar is where nightmares come to thrive.

SkinTrade03regExtinctionParade03RegAvatar wants to thank all of our supporting comic shops for continuing to present new comics and trades filled with the darkest visions to your customers every week. ?It is the support of these stores that has allowed Avatar to continue to grow and work with the biggest names in comics from Garth Ennis to Max Brooks to Alan Moore.

NLDAftermath10Goreuber-vol-1-enhanced-hcAnd to Avatar’s fans and supporters – thank you for your passionate embrace of the publisher’s vision. ?Every new project is hand picked to create new and terrifying visions that need to be told. ?Celebrate Halloween with a new horror story and let Avatar enter your nightmares every week with new frightening tales of terror at your local comic shops.



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