Ferals #17 Delivers the Goods

Ferals17RegDavid Lapham’s Ferals series has been one of the best violent horror dramas of the past few years. ?Officer Dale Chesnutt has developed from country hick to a strange sort of alpha Feral. ?And in that time he’s seen family and friends slaughtered…but nothing like the massacre that is developing in front of his eyes. ?With a last effort to reduce the mounting tension between the Feral community and the military, Chesnutt invades the mountain military complex but finds that the true horrors have just begun.

Ferals17GoreFerals #17 is the next to last issue of the series and everything you’ve been reading has led to what comes next… ?The first two volumes of Ferals trade paperbacks are both available at your local comic shop for new fans looking to experience this fresh re-imagining of the werewolf mythology. ?Ferals is also available in digital format from comiXology:



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