Wolfer Channels Gravel

mikewolfer (3)There are few indie characters that have had the same longevity that Warren Eills’ Gravel has had. ?The series introduced William Gravel – combat magician and hardcore soldier into a world of dark magics and violence. ?And from the beginning, horror visionary Mike Wolfer has been there to illustrate, co-write, and now take on the full storytelling duties with the launch of Gravel: Combat Magician #0 in January. ?This marks the return of the fan favorite character with an oversized 48 page premiere issue that includes both a new self contained story and a significant primer that tells the story of what has come before. ?This new issue is the perfect jump on point for fans that are looking for dark violent magics in their comic selection and Wolfer promises that the fresh starting point will please both new and existing readers.

GravelCM00regIn an extensive interview with Bleeding Cool Magazine (issue #7 on sale 11/27), Wolfer commented on what makes Gravel such an accessible book to the horror readers: “despite that incredible premise and how Gravel is painted as an individual with abilities we can barely comprehend, his voice and conscience is still very much our own. Readers can relate to him on a personal level, because he is us– he is the common man thrust into very uncommon and nightmarish scenarios.? ?And knowing that Wolfer has been there from the start with William Gravel, having literally worked on every issue ever published, we know that this new iteration of the combat magician will ring true to what makes the character so appealing.

GravelCM00BlackMagicGravel Combat Magician #0 is in the November issue of Previews in comic shops now. ?Reserve your copy with your local comics retailer today.

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