Killer’s Past Revealed in Absolution: Happy Kitty

AbsoHappyKitty1RegAbsoHappyKitty1JapaneseChristos Gage has created a violent crime and drama masterpiece in the world of Absolution. ?The trials of super powered vigilante John Dusk may be the focal point of the series, but the enhancile assassin, Happy Kitty, has captured the imagination of fans. ?The outpouring of interest in the character led Gage to create this special issue that reveals her back story.

AbsoHappyKitty1VideoGameAbsoHappyKitty1DesignJoin Gage as he navigates through the miserable circumstances that turned a special little girl into monster. ?They knew she was different from the moment they found her. ?She was unresponsive to talk, stuck in her own world, and enamored with shooting video games. But one criminal understood the power that came with controlling and directing her single minded violence. ?If all the world is a game…then Happy Kitty is the game master.

Get a special look into the world of Absolution with art by Freakangels illustrator, Paul Duffield. ?Absolution: Happy Kitty #1 is new in comic shops this week.

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