Ennis’ Rover Red Charlie Fetches Fans

RRC1RegGarth Ennis, the legendary creator of Preacher and Crossed, delivers a new kind of story today in local comic shops. ?Rover Red Charle #1 is the story of three canine best friends at the end of the world. ?As human civilization crumbles and mankind succumbs to a plague that wipes them out, a trio of dogs attempt to find a safe place in the new world order. ?But with the city burning and no feeders around to care for them, they find that striking out on their own is anything but safe.

Ennis brings an incredible flare for original dialog to this story that seems to perfectly capture the imaginative communication between animals. ?This is more than a story about dogs, it highlights the bonds of brotherhood across RRC1Wraparoundspecies, and in a way provides a welcome glimpse of hope where the Crossed universe devours all. ?Illustrated by Michael Dipascale, the dogs come to life in a vibrant and relatible way. ?Whether you are a dog or cat person, you will enjoy this fresh new vision from Garth Ennis.


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