First Look at Caliban by Garth Ennis

Caliban-1-terrorIn the February Previews, Garth Ennis’ latest original creation brings new sci-fi scares to comic fans. ?Caliban tells the story of a crew aboard a deep space vessel. ?They expect nothing exceptional to happen – all the potential problems of space travel and work have been prepared for with multiple redundancy. ?No one believes in life on other planets – in all of man’s journeys into the great beyond nothing was ever encountered. ?Which is what makes a catastrophic hyperspace collision with an alien vessel the one thing they didn’t plan for. ?And the horror to come is just beginning…

Caliban #1 is a new ongoing series by Garth Ennis that takes terror to the stars and beyond. ?With incredible art from Facundo Percio of Fashion Beast, the frightening atmosphere of the series helps to make this a must read book from one of the industry’s premier writers. ?Enjoy this special sneak peek at the pages of Caliban #1 and remember to ask your local comics retailer to reserve your copy today.

CALIBAN_01_page_13 copy (2) CALIBAN_01_page_16 copy (2) CALIBAN_01_page_17 copy (2)

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