Terror Tweets Praise God is Dead #6

GodisDead06Horror aficionado Decapitated Dan has been enjoying Johnathan Hickman’s God Is Dead series from the beginning. ?In this week’s edition of Comic Related’s “Terror Tweets” he reviews the final issue of the first chapter and gives it 4.5 out of 5 Skulls!

God is Dead #6 (Avatar Press)
@DecapitatedDan:?Solid issue. I loved the way this one played out. I wish it would have been longer though, and played out more, but still great. 4.5/5



Hickman took a lot of fans by surprise with God is Dead. ?The provocative title has been a tour de force though the landscape of mythology. ?We’ve watched as the gods of old GodisDead06Wraphave returned and thrown man back to the dark ages. ?But now on the brink of destruction, a group of scientists have done the unimaginable and have themselves become gods. ?Now the gods of science must face the gods of mythology for total control of the earth. ?But how much did they really think it through? ?Will life under the thumb of a human born god be any better than others?

GodisDead06IconicYou can find out by visiting your local comic shop or ComiXology to get the latest issue of Hickman’s God is Dead!

You can read all of the Terror Tweets here: ?http://comicrelated.com/news/24228/terror-tweets-21114


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