Uber #1/2 Free With Bleeding Cool Magazine #8

New in comic shops today is Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 which features a host of articles and info you can’t get anywhere else but in the printed pages of the publication. ?With features that are exclusive to print and not available on the web, Bleeding Cool Magazine covers the coolest new projects and gives you insight into what’s hot in comics. ?And in addition to all the fun content, this special issue also features a free downloadable copy of Uber #1/2 that is only available to Bleeding Cool Magazine readers!

Uber1_2SieglindeUber #1/2 takes you into the past to witness the birth of one of the Nazi’s most powerful Battleships – Sieglinde. ?Kieron Gillen and Caanan White take you through each painful step that turned one German woman into the most feared weapon of war ever created. ?This essential chapter in the Uber mythos can be redeemed for free by following the directions and entering the exclusive redemption code in this issue of BCM.

Stop by your local comic book retailer and pick up the $1.99 value priced issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine to enjoy a free digital download of Uber #1/2 and these great editorial features:

Reaching a Comic Milestone – Adventure Time!

The X-Files Conspiracy

Unity Tackles the Webnet

Robocop Remodeled and Rebooted

Joss Whedon’s World of Comics

Five Years Later – Rich Johnston’s Speculation

Loki & Ragnarok & Roll

2014 12 Movies in 12 Months

Neal Adams Up Close and Personal

Going Rogue (Trooper)

The Cult of DVD Collectors

30 Years of Los Bros Hernandez & Love & Rockets

C-Day Countdown

Uber #1/2

Rich Johnston’s Hot Comics

Price Guide

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