Crossed: Badlands #50 Ushers in C-Day 2014

Garth EnnisIt is here…the day that Crossed fans worldwide wait for with maniacal glee. ?C-Day is upon us and local comic shops everywhere are preparing for the deluge of Crossed fans that are partying like it is the end of the world. ?The festivities begin with Garth Ennis’ return to his blood soaked series, Crossed with issue #50 of Badlands. ?In the Crossed50_Regpages of the grimoire you’ll find a story described as a”patient zero” tale by Ennis in which he addresses that fateful day when the Crossed virus hit and spread like wildfire.

In “The Thin Red Line” we see the boys from Crossed: Badlands #25 as they were on a protection detail for the Crossed50_TorturePrime Minister. ?The contrast of this band of brothers in the civilized world makes a brilliantly stark vision compared to the men we met just one year ago at the end of their journey.

And now, over five years past the debut of his redefining grueling horror series, Garth Ennis has promised a peek Crossed50_TrueRomancebehind the curtain of what may have caused the apocalypse. ?Fans of the series are out in force at local comic shops for parties, costume contests, and spreading the word about the most horrifying series being published today. ?Comic book retailers and fans are sending in pictures from events so we can bring you images from Crossed50_Amazonsthis annual celebration of horror.

Crossed: Badlands #50 is available in comic shops and digitally on ComiXology today. ?Experience the vilest horrors with Garth Ennis and the Crossed universe.

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