Uber #10 Horrors Revealed

Uber10WrapUber has redefined the altered history and super soldier genres completely with an unyielding vision of enhanced human warfare. ?Kieron Gillen fans have hailed this story from the master author as a violent and original comic book. ?The introduction of the Ubers into the final days of World War II Uber10reghas opened a new chapter detailing the horrors of war.

Uber #10 has many revelations to the overall arc…the Allies uncover a new strain of possibilities for their enhanced soldiers. ?But is creating an even bigger monster the solution to Uber warfare? ?And as the Nazi Battleships realize that something Uber10Propagandais brewing with the Furher. ?As Hitler’s madness continues to grow, his vision for opera creates a new horror for the world. ?With the help of his Nazi scientists, a terror campaign is launched into the heart of London.

The second Uber arc is coming to a close. ?Jump in now to see the new face of world war.

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