Ennis Returns to Creeping Horror with Caliban

Caliban-1Garth Ennis is well known for creating one of a kind characters within violent and horrific worlds. ?Anyone who has read Crossed knows that his stories themselves have no fear and are willing to discover the vilest of nightmares. ?Now Ennis takes his trademark flare for imaginative worlds Caliban-1-terrorand releases Caliban – a horror filled romp through outer space on a freighter hurling through the universe.

The new series explores the lives of the crew of the Caliban. ?When the ship unexpectedly encounters an alien derelict while hurtling through hyperspace a horrifying claustrophobic chain of Caliban-1-dark-matterevents begins to take place. ?Fans of Riddey Scott’s classic sci-fi horror film Alien will enjoy this trip into a frightening universe of the unknown. ?Experience stifling fright as the mundane expectations of the crew of this mining vessel begin to unravel into a terrifying world of pain and misery. ?Join Caliban-1-wrapGarth Ennis on this new trip into the place where fear and terror hide deep within us all. ?Caliban opens the air lock of your heart and exposes you to the cold terror of alien space.

Pick up issue #1 at your local comic shop this week.

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