David Lapham’s Ferals & Caligula Bundles at ComiXology

Ferals17RegDavid Lapham has made a career of creating unique horrors for the comic reading community. ?There aren’t two more vicious and terrifying series than his work on Ferals and Caligula.

In Ferals Lapham revisits his crime noir roots while single handedly redefining the werewolf story from a campy tale to a horrifying drama. ?Gone are the full moons and silver FERALS7regularbullets replaced by a hard drinking small town cop that contracts the feral condition. ?What follows in its wake is a story that rips your guts out and uses your intestines as a lasso. ?The series is a non-stop thrill ride that slowly reveals a world that is on the verge of war with the Feral lineage. ?The Ferals Bundle includes all 18 issues for $19.99!

CaligulaHeart1RegCaligula on the other hand is a story of revenge and temptation at the hands of a demon born of excess. ?What drive a man to avenge his family and what makes him betray his conviction? ?The demon Caligula brings horrors down upon the lowly and the grand of Rome alike. ?But can the farm boy turned plaything figure out the secret to Caligula’s power? ?And will he destroy it before it destroys him? ?The Caligula Bundle includes all 12 issues for $11.99!


ComiXology is featuring both story bundles through Sunday 4/6 for a special reduced rate. ?Treat yourself to the horrors of Lapham with this special sale: ?https://www.comixology.com/Save-On-Avatar-David-Lapham-Bundles/page/1372

And for trade paperbacks of these horrifying stories, be sure to stop at your local comic book shop for collected print editions! ?http://www.comicshoplocator.com/Home/1/1/57/575


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