God is Dead: Book of Acts Preview Pages

Everyone is talking about the upcoming God is Dead event, The Book of Acts Alpha & Omega editions. ?With creators like Alan Moore, Kieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier, Justin Jordan, and GID scribe Mike Costa bringing new tales of mythological horrors to these uncovered tomes, the event?is sure to be of biblical proportions.

Avatar Press is revealing a number of interior pages to give fans a taste of what this incredible new project will be like. ?This is an opportunity to get a sneak peek into the God is Dead event of the year. ?Where else can you read a story about Alan Moore meeting his personal god, Glycon? ?Only in the God is Dead: Book of Acts!

Ask your local comics retailer to reserve copies of both editions today!

Alan Moore / Facundo Percio:









Kieron Gillen / German Nobile










Simon Spurrier / Gabriel Andrade










Justin Jordan / German erramouspe









Mike Costa / Rafa Ortiz


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