Justin Jordan Discusses Dark Gods

DarkGods1-DietyCrossed scribe Justin Jordan talked to Bleeding Cool this week about his upcoming new ongoing series Dark Gods that is featured in the September Previews (in stores now). ?In discussing what the?Dark Gods?actually are, Jordan told BC:

“The primordial chaos in Dark Gods was what came before our universe. It?s fundamentally incomprehensible to human minds which, frankly, is probably true of what came before the universe in the real world. It?s like trying to wrap your brain around time as a dimension. You can only intellectually understand that kind of stuff.

Dark Gods 0116 copyBut chaos? well, the thing is, chaos is a human construct. Chaos is only chaos because we don?t have, can?t have, all the information. If you had complete knowledge of the pre existing rules and conditions, nothing would be classified as chaos, anymore than the shape of a rose is chaos.

Now, the premise in the world Dark Gods takes place in is that the universe is shaped, at least partly, by human minds. We believe in order, and that order becomes imposed on the universe, and that keeps the creatures of chaos out. They can?t exist here, not as they are.

Dark Gods 0115 copySo they need to erode our combined beliefs. If everyone believes something different, than reality becomes flexible enough to let them in, to give them a space to occupy. Unfortunately, we humans like order. Love order.

The Dark Gods aren?t precisely evil by nature. But things that create chaos empower them, and so they certainly seem evil here, at least most of the time. And I think it?s pretty reasonable to ask, is there a difference between that and actually being evil?”

Jordan, who gained a strong fan following with his Strange Talent?of Luther Strode comic series, addresses the horrors of Dark Gods as somewhat “anti-Lovecraftian.” ?In respect to the series going into the DG_NOBILE_page07 copypsychological territory of H.P. Lovecraft he had this to say:

“I think it?d be hard to write horror and not be influenced by Lovecraft, honestly. He?s pretty fundamental to what horror has become in modern pop culture. And there?s definitely some of Lovecraft here, in the sense that the universe is darker than we think. Weirder than we think.

But at the same time, Dark Gods is kind of anti-Lovecraftian. The real horror in Lovecraft?s work isn?t tentacles and cosmic entities. The real horror is that we don?t matter. The universe is vast and cold and utterly indifferent to humanity. Not even indifferent, unaware.

I think that?s the essence of the Lovecraftian variety of cosmic horror. Dark Gods goes with DarkGods1-Sirenthe opposite idea: humans are hugely important, and the universe is actively out to torture and destroy us. It?s a malevolent reality.

And I don?t think that?s incompatible with the idea that these things aren?t precisely evil in the sense that humans would understand. Our suffering helps them, so they want us to suffer.”

Dark Gods is a new ongoing series that will be on sale in November. ?Check with your local comics retailer to reserve copies of the first issue and prepare for age of chaos to return to the world in Dark Gods #1.

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