Mike Costa Reveals God’s Killer in Book of Acts Omega

god-is-dead-boa-omega-end-of-daysThe central mystery to the return of the ancient gods is finally revealed as series writer Mike Costa delivers the devastating revelation in God is Dead: Book of Acts Omega. ?This second volume features additional stories by Uber’s Kieron Gillen and Crossed’s Justin Jordan as well in an over-sized sacrilegious tome.



Kieron Gillen takes us on a hellish trip to meet “Alastor: Hell’s Executioner” in a tale that is wickedly funny and god-is-dead-boa-omega-WRAPbrutally violent. ?Who will take advantage of the death of the one true God? ?Petty demons and the devilish rank and file must decide how to?exploit their greatest foe’s demise.



Justin Jordan delivers a devious story in “The Great God Pan.” ?In true EC Tales From the Crypt style, Pan taunts a cursed woman and whispers the great secret of the divine. ?Why…you ask, you’ll need to read to the end to understand that simple revelation.



God is Dead: Book of Acts Omega is in comic shops and available digitally today.

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