Alan Moore Delivers The Future of Crossed

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Alan Moore has returned to full scripting a new monthly comic for this series, and was compelled to do so through a series of increasingly piquant conversations with his friend Garth Ennis about the implications of the Crossed series for humanity’s future. In response, Moore has created an entirely new world and a hundred years of “missing” history to explore the future of the Crossed outbreak, what will happen to the Crossed themselves over such a long Crossed+100-1-CrossedCultureperiod of time, and what fate awaits humanity after losing the basic elements of modern civilization. With Moore as the single author on the series, it’s a comics master producing a new apocalyptic vision for readers by returning to the roots of dynamic speculative fiction.

Crossed creator Garth Ennis comments:
So it turns out Jimi Hendrix wants to play in my band. He wants to sing my songs. I don’t usually worry about vindication, but Alan is probably the one person whose opinion would be enough to change my mind about what I do.

Crossed+100-1-FutureTenseHe’s the most talented individual the medium’s ever seen or ever will; that he’s writing Crossed means everything to me.

–Garth Ennis

Gabriel Andrade, of Avatar Press’ series Ferals, is delighted to be on board with this major project as artist, and his work displays the kind of nuance that can move between the horror elements of the comic and the speculative fiction aspects that even contain a hint of the detective genre. For both Moore and Andrade, this is a project heavy on the research and deeply thought-out in execution.

Andrade says:
For me to work with Mr. Moore on this new project has been much more of a gift than a Crossed+100-1-AmHistorychallenge. *I feel a very strong connection to the world behind the story, as all the references, books, movies, music and conceptual art that have accompanied me throughout my life, are being exploited here.*I have had an amazing amount of freedom, both in the creation of the look of these characters and in the formulation of the new world.

Crossed +100 #1 is in the October issue of the Previews Catalog – look for the catalog?in?comic?stores on Wednesday the 24th.

Read the full details here on Bleeding Cool: ?

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