Avatar Press New to ComiXology 10/1/14

Avatar Press comics new to ComiXology on?Wednesday 10/1/14:

Crossed: Badlands #62

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? DAVID LAPHAM returns to the brutal world of Crossed with a Crossed62-regcrime story told both before and after the Crossed outbreak! Lapham?s vision for the misery of the Crossed is unparalleled. A father is pushed to the brink when his family is tortured by a horrific thug. But then C-Day happened and the World changed. A mystery to solve gets much harder in a World of psychotics! There is no help and there is no hope. There is only the Crossed.




God is Dead #21

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?Mike Costa has shown us the second coming of the god wars GodisDead21-regand brought back the risen savior of Christianity only to see the world continue to evolve into a haven of misery. Now as the gods we thought were dead and gone begin to return for vengeance, what will stop them before they burn the very earth to a cinder?





Uber #18

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?With the realization that the Nazis have pulled far ahead of uber-18-regthe Allies in development Ubers, hope starts to fade and some greater gambles are taken with the few Allied Heavy Tank-Men that remain in hopes of turning the tide. Desperation is the currency of the hour with no end in sight to the horrors of enhanced human warfare. Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete spin a new chapter of fear and genocide in the pages of the most devastating war coming being published.

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