The Return of the Dark Gods

DarkGods1-DietyJustin Jordan is peeking behind the orderly curtain of our daily lives and letting the chaos of the ancient beasts back into the world. ?The new ongoing series Dark Gods is one part Lovecraftian inspired horror and one part Pacific Rim monster mayhem. ?And according to Jordan, it is precisely DarkGods1-reghumankind’s wish to live in orderly ignorance that has blinded us to the existence of the chaos.

“The human race lives in ignorance of the universe we live in. ?This is a mercy. ?I don’t mean that as just a set up for fiction. ?We live on a tiny ball of rock hurtling through a universe that is unfathomably large. ?We are the product, each of us, of an uncountable number of unlikely coincidences. ?We are alive because that driver got started a DarkGods1-Sirenminute later one day and didn’t plow through that red light when we were there. ?That is the universe we live in.”

With that orderly ignorance in mind, Jordan has crafted an incredible tale that is wonderfully illustrated by German Erramouspe. ?Check in with your local comic shop this week to reserve the first issue which is on sale in November.

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