Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 10/29/14

These are the new Avatar Press comic books at local comic shops Wednesday 10/29/14:

Crossed: Badlands #64

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It took him years of misery to find the man that ruined his life, Crossed64-regbut Mr. Land is channeling the horrors, the prison abuse, and the misery that he?s endured into the magazine of an assault rifle.? He?s watched others embrace the life of excess, drugs, and sexual exploitation that claimed his Crossed64-torturedaughter.? Now he plans on delivering his own brand of final punishment to those that took everything from him.? And though wave after wave of Crossed attempt to heap their misery upon this broken man, nothing will stand in the way of his ultimate vengeance.? DAVID LAPHAM etches another tale of misery into the Crossed universe that will scar you for life.? There is no help and there is no hope.? There is only the Crossed.? Available with Regular, Torture, and Red Crossed Incentive covers by Gabriel Andrade, Wraparound cover by German Erramouspe, and Fatal Fantasy cover by Emilio Laiso.

Dark Gods #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ? Justin Jordan is unleashed in an epic all-new, ongoing DarkGods1-regseries!?? Murdock leads The Storm, humanities last line of defense against the brewing Primordial Chaos and The Serpent, Tiamet herself!? But her children slowly emerge DarkGods1-Dietyahead of her return, as human-monster hybrids inflicting horrors in their wake. The Storm has to keep this bottled up, prevent the rest of humanity from breaking into panic, and hold back the flood of horrors that come with the return of the original evils, the Dark Gods themselves!?? Available with Regular and Wraparound cover from series artist German Erramouspe, sultry Siren cover from Christian Zanier, a fully-painted Deity cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Nightmare Retailer Order Incentive cover also by Zanier.

God is Dead #23

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?The new armies of the gods collide with the newly undead GodisDead23_Reghumans as the fodder for the fray! Mike Costa pushes the world to the limit as the raised pantheons engage in all-out GodisDead23-Iconicwar! And though Earth may be the prize for the ultimate victors, will a burnt cinder of rock be worth the heavenly wrath that has been unleashed? Available with a Regular, End of Days, and Iconic covers by Jacen Burrows, a Carnage Wraparound cover by German Nobile, and a special Gilded Retailer Incentive Cover also by Burrows.

Uber #19

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ? KIERON GILLEN has captivated the comics? community Uber19-regwith the horror and drama unfolding in the enhanced human warfare of World War II.? As the war starts to slide in favor of the Nazis unstoppable Ubers, the Allies strike Uber19-Propagandaout with a desperate gamble.? They can?t match the Uber Battleships one-on-one, but maybe they can use surgical strikes against the mounting tide. Join the legions of readers as the misery of super human warfare continues to unfold.? Available with Regular & Wraparound covers by Caanan White, Propaganda Poster cover by Michael DiPascale, and War Crimes and Blitzkrieg Incentive covers by Caanan White.

War Stories #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ? No one captures the horror and misery of war like GARTH WarStories2-RegENNIS!? ?The horrors of WW2 bomber pilots faced were so much greater than simply the enemy fire.? The mettle of a man gets tested in many ways in a conflict of that scale.? WarStories2-NoseArtEnnis proves time and time again that in battle it isn?t the technology or the weapons you wield, but the fire within that leads to the ultimate outcome on the battlefield.? Available with Regular, Wraparound, Good Girl Nose Art, and Battle Damage Retailer Incentive covers by Matt Martin.

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